Aravinda Rodenburg Tailors


Grown in Ghent grounds, in only a few years time, A ce Soir has become the leading player in Belgium when it comes to handmade fashion, hats and accessories. Aravinda Rodenburg is one of the very few real tailors in Belgium, focusing on bespoke tailoring.
Aravinda may be young, but he is equipped with loads of experience, and has craftsmanship running through all his veins.
He combines classic handmade tailoring with a touch of modernism. Your safe haven if you know to appreciate man’s bespoke suits and shirts .

Onderbergen 51
B 9000 Gent
Tel. : +32 (0)498 10 31 97
Website :

Aravinda Rodenburg clothing for men Aravinda Rodenburg Suit  for men bespoke tailor