Jean-Paul Boucquet


Boucquet Lighting converts creative ideas in sober light architecture. Our house provides full customized installations.
Boucquet thinks with you from the project phase on and introduces authentic craftsmanship. Copper-rich metals are coloured chemically.
Metal plate material can be formed cold in purified organic forms but averse to the decorative.
Translucent plastics get a three-dimensional form by thermoforming , glass and alabaster are being modelled according to the design . With their translucent aspect they give in every room an exclusive dimension according to the style of interior of the customer.

Ardooisesteenweg 154-156
8800 Roeselare

Tel. : +32 (0)51 20 45 14
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O.L.V. Kathedraal, Antwerpen Bronze table side lamp Kerk St.Martens-Lennik Het  Atelier