Kunstsmederij De Bruyn

Traditional ironwork

Iron works De Bruyn is a specialist in traditional ironwork. Iron is according to the ancient forging between hammer and anvil edited.
Handrails are our specialty, but you can not think if we forge it for you, balustrades, fencing, hanging drilling, fireplaces, furniture, boxes ... anything is possible!
The traditional character of our craft lends itself perfectly for restorations of all kinds. However, in our forge you can also go for modern work.
There is no longer useful hammer. Think steel cabinets or racks. Therefore we follow the current technologies closely

Brusselbaan 19
9320 Erembodegem

Tel. : +32 (0)5378 69 30
Website : www.smederijdebruyn.be/

Banisters in Art Nouveau style Lean vegetal  forged Outdoor handrail Iron Works De Bruyn Banisters in Art Nouveau style