Handcrafted stained glass

The glass artisans of the Mestdagh studio have dedicated themselves to Glass works passionately since 1947. Today this family business is, the oldest stained glass studio in Belgium. The oldest technical crafts - especially within the art of glass painting - are upheld here with great love and pride. Evenso, time does not stand still for Mestdagh.
Through the years, the atelier has flourished into an acknowledged centre for window-glass.
Here, restoration, conservation, design and the realization of new projects go hand in hand. In their stained glass creations, Luc and Ingrid Mestdagh-Meyvaert, along with their oldest daughter Katrien, strive to achieve a modernity which maintains the integrity of the traditional craft.

Atelier: Koolsteeg 22 Galerij: Drabstraat 2
B 9000 Gent

Tel. : 32 (0)9 223 41 29 Fax. : 32 (0)9 225 59 40
Website :

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